Pilot's Cocktail List

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Drink like a Naval Aviator.

The Pilot's Cocktail List is a comprehensive cocktail book written in the form of a Naval Aviator's Pocket Checklist. In the cockpit of every Naval aircraft, there is a standardized Pocket Checklist for pilots and crew to reference in the case of an emergency situation. The binding, layout, wording, and feel of this cocktail book mimics the style and look of these checklists.

The Pilot's Cocktail List contains over 100 unique recipes including proprietary recipes such as the Hydraulic Leak, the Dependapotamus, and the Surface Warfare Officer. These recipes have been chosen and tested by Navy Pilots, so you can be assured that with this book, you will be drinking like an aviator.

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The Pilot's Cocktail List is 100% made in America.

Customer Reviews

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jeffrey kinsey
Every naval aviator needs this

Perfect accompaniment for all current and former naval aviators.

Johanna K

Buy it now!! This is a clever, well-written drink recipe book - fun for military and civilians alike. Every time I use it someone asks me about it. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys drinking, making drinks, entertaining or just flipping through the imaginative pages of this manual-style recipe book. I got it for my son for Christmas and he liked it so much he asked me to get the author to sign it!

Casey Vann
Love Love Love

My husband and I are both aviators and love the practicality of this cocktail adventure. We have already starting referencing in our bar tending adventures!

Cameron Bouton
Epic gift

Got this from my wife for Christmas and it’s absolutely perfect. Cheers to the creator because this is truly an amazing cocktail list with a perfect nod to Naval Aviation. Sitting side by side with my actual PCL you can tell the time and effort that went into every detail.

H Parrish
Just Like the NATOPS PCLs!

Very Cool! Started exploring different "EPs" to try out different cocktails. Enjoyed the "Normal Procedures" section to get my bar in order and to use as a reference. Love it. 10/10