Navy Pilot's Cocktail Checklist

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    Drink like a Naval Aviator.

    The award-winning Pilot's Cocktail List is a comprehensive cocktail book written in the form of a Naval Aviator's Pocket Checklist. In the cockpit of every Naval aircraft, there is a standardized Pocket Checklist for pilots and crew to reference in the case of an emergency situation. The binding, layout, wording, and feel of this cocktail book mimics the style and look of these checklists. This cocktail book is also perfect for any Marine, as the Marines use the same checklists as Navy.

    The Pilot's Cocktail List contains over 100 unique recipes including proprietary recipes such as the Hydraulic Leak, the Dependapotamus, and the Surface Warfare Officer. These recipes have been chosen and tested by Navy Pilots, so you can be assured that with this book, you will be drinking like an aviator.

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    The Pilot's Cocktail List is 100% made in America.

    Customer Reviews

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    Davis Mullholand

    A perfect gift for some pilot friends of mine!

    Kai Fujisaka

    Navy Pilot's Cocktail Checklist

    Tammy Taylor

    Navy Pilot's Cocktail Checklist

    Pilot Cocktail Checklist

    Great product and customer service. Love the PCL and rocks glasses. Order was shipped out within 24 hours.

    Anthony Gomez

    Not an aviator but a naval aviation maintainer who uses a PCL on a daily. Absolutely love this and my aviators in my command love this as well! Amazingly made product for-sure.