Navy Pilot's Cocktail Checklist

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Drink like a Naval Aviator.

The Pilot's Cocktail List is a comprehensive cocktail book written in the form of a Naval Aviator's Pocket Checklist. In the cockpit of every Naval aircraft, there is a standardized Pocket Checklist for pilots and crew to reference in the case of an emergency situation. The binding, layout, wording, and feel of this cocktail book mimics the style and look of these checklists. This cocktail book is also perfect for any Marine, as the Marines use the same checklists as Navy.

The Pilot's Cocktail List contains over 100 unique recipes including proprietary recipes such as the Hydraulic Leak, the Dependapotamus, and the Surface Warfare Officer. These recipes have been chosen and tested by Navy Pilots, so you can be assured that with this book, you will be drinking like an aviator.

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The Pilot's Cocktail List is 100% made in America.

Customer Reviews

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Dominic Remmes
Love the three piece package!

The drink glasses are first class. They have a beautiful frosted finish and intricate design, along with a nice weight.

The recipe book contains everything you need at the bar. I appreciate the durable pages.

The hat has a nice leather emblem, but an option without mesh would be nice.

Tom Barber

Great product and gift. Great customer service as well.

Adrianna Murphy
Looks awesome! Can't wait to give it to my husband

I can't wait to give the cocktail checklist to my husband. He had mentioned months ago that he wanted it, so it's going to be a fun gift for Christmas!

Philip Arnett
Great Gift!

Purchased as a gift for my friend who is currently training to be a Naval Aviator. He was very surprised when he received his checklist and got a kick out of it.

Michael Raskett
Must have for a bar

The bar pcl was made with a lot of effort and thought going into it. It’s fun to have around and look through. It can also give you some inspiration if you’re indecisively looking at your lonely bar.