Navy Pilot's Cocktail Checklist

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  • Drink like a Naval Aviator.

    The award-winning Pilot's Cocktail List is a comprehensive cocktail book written in the form of a Naval Aviator's Pocket Checklist. In the cockpit of every Naval aircraft, there is a standardized Pocket Checklist for pilots and crew to reference in the case of an emergency situation. The binding, layout, wording, and feel of this cocktail book mimics the style and look of these checklists. This cocktail book is also perfect for any Marine, as the Marines use the same checklists as Navy.

    The Pilot's Cocktail List contains over 100 unique recipes including proprietary recipes such as the Hydraulic Leak, the Dependapotamus, and the Surface Warfare Officer. These recipes have been chosen and tested by Navy Pilots, so you can be assured that what you're getting is 100% authentic!

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    The Pilot's Cocktail List is 100% made in America.

    Customer Reviews

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    Made our old PPC’s Birthday!

    This thing looks COOL online, but even BETTER in person. After getting this in the mail (received in 3 days after ordering to Colorado), I couldn’t wait to gift this to my best friend and P-3 pilot. Looks and feels like the checklists we all used, and love the attention to detail in the clever and authentic fonts, hilarious copywriting and more. I’m assuming that any self respecting aviator knows how to mix a few cocktails, but this is such a cool piece, you’ll be intentionally leaving this on the bar to start a sea story or two….or more even when you’re just pouring a beer. Fly Navy!

    Amazing Product, Worth Every Penny

    Awesome product. Bought it at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, VA. The amount and the variety of drinks alone are worth the value. The PCL design along with the section about the fundamentals of bartending put this product above the rest. If you don't have this book, you need to get it!

    Amy Hobbs

    Bought as a gift for my retired NFO hubby and we are both blown away! You could sit this in the cockpit and take a picture from 10 ft away and you'd never know it wasn't the actual checklist! The emergency procedure half was HYSTERICAL! Cannot give enough stars! Also, we got it in less than a week, which for the quality and what it was, we would have waited a month and been happy!

    Sean White Sr

    Love it

    Jean Ann Patterson
    Delayed item

    Still waiting to receive it.