Ranger Handbook Cocktail Book

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  • The Ranger Handbook Cocktail Book, or TC 3-21.77, is a comprehensive guide with important drinking fundamentals ranging from how to write a drinking OPORD, how to prepare cocktails, and how to conduct battle drills (party games). At over 280 pages, the Ranger Handbook Cocktail Book is the only book a Ranger needs. 

    The Ranger Handbook contains the following chapters:

    1. Leadership
    2. Operations
    3. Alcohol Basics
    4. Communications
    5. Cocktails
    6. Movement
    7. Battle Drills
    8. Airborne Operations
    9. Waterborne Operations
    10. First Aid

    The Ranger Handbook Cocktail Book is an inspectable item. Failure to have one on your bar at all times will result in an automatic NO-GO and you will be a phase recycle, so arm yourself with the information you need. RLTW!

    Made in the USA.

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    Kevin Brown

    Amazingly thorough ... right down to the pencil-shade figures! AWESOME!